Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga  Part One of three.

Bhakti Yoga is very personal. It represents our personal emotions. Sometimes we can oversimplify and state that all problems come from a lack of attention or love.  Psychologists are stating that our emotional problems are due to lack of proper love, perceived or real, in our childhood. We search our whole life for a mate that we may love and be loved by. It is our deep need as humans to experience love either by giving or receiving it. When we give or receive love we are happy.

If we understand gyaan yoga, we understand that when we give love we are tapping into the soul of our being. The heart opens. Our pure self filters through us in the form of love. This pure self, is our soul. It is our divine nature. It is the essence of our existence. When we give love that essence is tapped, and when it filters through us we feel happy.  When we are loved, that essence is drawn out of us and we feel happy to have it with us. So either giving or receiving love makes us draw on our divine nature, our pure spirit, and our goodness. The highest manifestation of that divine spirit is God; our personal God, no matter what religion. Yoga firmly believes that there is only one God and all religions, faiths or beliefs will lead to that one God.

According to yoga within every human heart resides a spark of the Supreme Creator in the form of Love. This is dormant and must be activated by us. When your heart opens we get access to intuition which may be able to guide us in our daily life. Without the heart open, the Divine Energy can not flow from our higher Self. Inspiration comes from our Soul Self, without the interpretation by our Ego.  When we close the heart because it may have been hurt, it also closes the flow of Divine Energy. So we must, no matter how many times the heart gets hurt, seek the love from within to feel that loving spiritual energy. Let us not deprive of that wonderful gift. 

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